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Our company has its own fur salon, cooperating with many popular factories in Kastoria, which have been famous for their quality products for many years.

   The ancient city of Kastoria is the largest center of Greece for the processing, production and sale of fur products. The fur coat industry here is not just an industry, but above all a centuries-old tradition, because the furrier trade dates back to the 14th century. 

In our salon you have a unique opportunity to purchase a fur coat from the most famous factories of Kastoria! There are several reasons why you should buy a fur coat from us:
 • Factory price. 
 • Rich assortment. You can buy a fur coat from everyone's favorite mink of various colors, as well as raccoon, beaver, fox, silver fox, lynx, arctic fox, chinchilla, nutria, sable, broadtail and even jaguar. Not only furs are varied, but also styles: from shortened “auto-ladies” to flared fur coats to the very floor.
 • High quality. Local craftsmen have a special fur processing technology and skillfully sew fur coats even from small pieces. .

A fur coat is an outfit worthy of a queen. And royal clothes are, first of all, classic harmony of lines and perfect quality.  

The Greeks are closely studying the tastes and preferences of buyers. But ready for any wishes. You can change the model, otherwise arrange the details, choose the same from another fur. Minimal changes will be made on the same day and the finished product will be delivered to the hotel. A new fur coat will be sewn in 2-3 days. Want to? This time can be devoted to sightseeing. You can even send a sketch of the model by e-mail. As they say, every whim.


Our company provides free transfer to store.

 For the purchase of fur products and additional. information, you can contact us by phone.


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