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Palace of Knossos, Lassithi Plateau, Kera Monastery, Zeus Cave
SCHEDULE:  Thursday, Saturday
DURATION: 09:00-18:00
PRICE: 38€ (children 4-12 years old - 50%)


  In this tour you have the opportunity to visit the world-famous archaeological site of the island of Crete  – Knossos Palace.
  The largest and most majestic palace-city of the Minoan period - the Palace of Knossos and the famous Labyrinth of the Minotaur consisted of many randomly scattered rooms located at different levels, sometimes reaching 4 floors, included over 1500 rooms .Today in the palace you can see the western pantries, royal chambers, the throne of King Minos, cult rooms, the royal staircase with columns and amphitheatre.
  A vivid description of ritual actions, processions, sacred life of the palace will give you an understanding of whether Knossos was a royal palace, temple, city or tomb, like the Egyptian pyramids. You will have free time to take great photos, which will later remind you that you were visiting the Minotaur himself.


  Next, you will go to the famous place where, according to legend, the ruler of Olympus, the god Zeus, was born. The purpose of our journey is the cave in which this great event took place. But along the way you will see many more interesting and beautiful places.
  First stop at a Byzantine-era monastery located 610 meters above sea level. The monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Kera Kardiotisa is famous for the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which did not want to leave the walls of its native monastery and miraculously always returned back, despite repeated attempts to take it to Constantinople.
  Further, on the way to the Lassithi Plateau, you will stop at the observation deck for a picturesque view. You will have the opportunity to see the famous Lassithi mills, learn how they work and take amazing panoramic photos, taste real Greek coffee and take a break before visiting the cave. Curious tourists will have time to visit the interactive museum of Homo Sapiens created by one of the locals, which shows the entire history of human evolution, from the era of caves to the flight to the moon.
  And now you are visiting Zeus the Thunderer! The cave is cool and damp, about 80 meters deep. Some tourists note that its unusualness lies in the almost complete absence of echo, the silence is extraordinary. Centuries-old stalactites and stalagmites are amazing. On the way back, you will make a stop at Psychro, one of the many villages on the Lassithi Plateau, where you will be introduced to pottery traditions dating back to the Minoan era. You will see how in the 21st century. masters on the foot potter's wheel make magnificent vessels, plates and other household items. If you wish, you can create your own clay masterpiece.




transfer, guided tour 


entry tickets:

15€ Knossos Palace, 6€ Zeus Cave, 3€ Kera Monastery


take with you a hat, comfortable shoes, water, a light jacket, money for lunch. 

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