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Labyrinth of the Minotaur, Heraklion, Archaeological Museum

In this excursion we will visit the capital of Crete, Heraklion, Knossos Palace and archaeological museum. The town of Heraklion is the largest urban center of Crete, the capital of the region of Crete and the economic center of the island. Since the Minoan period the town of Heraklion became the host of varied cultures and civilizations whose indelible marks are visible in the form of fountains, castles, walls, palaces and other monuments.

 On the center of Heraklion located the archaeological museum. It is regarded as one of Europe’s most important museums. The present building was constructed between 1933 and 1937 to plans by P. Karantinos, on the site of the imposing Venetian Franciscan friary destroyed by an earthquake in 1856. The museum brings together archaeological finds from all over Crete, covering over 5500 years of the island’s history.

Further, the bus will take you to the Knossos Palace, the most visited place of Crete and the birthplace of Minoan civilization. The first excavation of the site was conducted in 1878 by Minos Kalokerinos of Heraklion. This was followed by the long-term excavations 1900-1913 and 1922-1930) of the Englishman Sir Arthur Evans, who uncovered virtually the entire palace. It was a multi-storey building covering an area of 20.000 square meters. Impressive features of it are the variety of building materials used, and the painted plaster, marble revetment and wall-paintings adorning the rooms and passages. The advanced level of technology attained by the Minoans is also demonstrated by some original architectural and structural features, such as the light -wells and polythyra, the use of beams to reinforce the masonry, and the complex drainage and water-supply systems. You will have free time to make great photos


transfer, excursion.


Entrance tickets: 20€ package for two museums (Knossos palace and archaeological museum)or 15€ for Knossos only


take a headdress, comfortable shoes, water, a light sweater, money for lunch.

Schedule: Tuesday, Saturday

Duration:  08:30 - 15:30

Cost: 26€ (children 4-12 years - 50%)
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